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Discover the Magic of Cork City with Cork Chauffeur

Journey Beyond Cobh: Explore Cork City’s Enchanting Attractions

Cork Chauffeur is not just your gateway to Cobh’s splendours but also your personal guide to the captivating attractions of Cork City. Our tailored tours are designed to help you uncover the heart and soul of one of Ireland’s most vibrant cities.

Cork City’s Must-Visit Attractions

  • The English Market: A feast for the senses, this historic market, dating back to 1788, offers a variety of artisanal foods and local crafts. Experience the buzz of this culinary haven and taste the finest local produce.
  • Cork City Gaol: Step back in time at this castle-like former prison, now a museum. The Gaol provides an intriguing glimpse into 19th-century prison life and offers panoramic views of the city.
  • St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral: Marvel at the stunning architecture of this Gothic Revival cathedral. Its detailed façade, stained glass windows, and rich history make it a photographer’s and historian’s delight.
  • Fitzgerald’s Park: Enjoy a relaxing stroll through this serene park nestled along the River Lee. It’s home to the Cork Public Museum and beautiful sculptures, offering a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle.
  • University College Cork (UCC): Explore the historic grounds of UCC, known for its striking architecture and lush gardens. The Lewis Glucksman Gallery and the Honan Chapel are highlights not to be missed.
  • Blarney Castle and Gardens: While technically outside the city, no trip to Cork is complete without a visit to Blarney Castle. Kiss the famous Blarney Stone and wander through its extensive gardens.

Personalised Tours for Every Interest

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of the arts, or a culinary adventurer, Cork Chauffeur offers customised tours to suit your interests. Our knowledgeable chauffeurs will ensure you have an immersive and memorable experience in Cork City.


“Exploring Cork City with Cork Chauffeur was a highlight of our trip. Their knowledge of the city and attention to detail made for an unforgettable day.” Lisa H., Visitor

“Cork Chauffeur’s tour of the English Market and UCC was exceptional. Their service is top-notch and highly recommended.” Michael S., Tourist

Plan Your Adventure in Cork City

Ready to explore the wonders of Cork City? Contact Cork Chauffeur today and let us create your perfect day out.

Cork Chauffeur – Your Personal Key to Cork’s Hidden Gems

Cork Chauffeur – Exploring Cork City in Style

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